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As advisors to businesses and individuals, Mizzone & Associates provides the technical expertise, innovative thinking and personal service that help organizations thrive, and families and individuals achieve financial security. In today's global, competitive, and information-driven environment, our core competencies — Integrity, objectivity, and independence — bring new and diverse value to our clients.

Our professional services include:


Mizzone & Associates provides audit services to small and medium-sized private businesses, non-profit organizations, employee benefit plans, and governmental agencies. To strengthen management procedures and improve operating results, we supplement our audit reports with suggestions for attaining these goals.

Accounting Services

We believe in making financial statements simple and easily understood by the client, financial analyst, and layman alike. We assist in establishing basic accounting records, preparation of financial statements and various tax returns including income, sales, property, and payroll.

  • Monthly & Quarterly Accounting
  • Financial Statements - Compilations & Reviews
  • Payroll Processing
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Cash Receipt Processing
  • Year End 1099's and W-2s
  • Trust Accounting

Tax Services

A complete tax service is provided, including normal compliance reporting, consulting, and tax planning relating to federal, state and local tax returns for corporations, individuals, partnerships and trust/estates.

Financial Planning

We are interested and committed to helping you plan for your future. Whether you're looking for more effective ways to fund a college education, save for retirement, or better manage your cash flow, Mizzone & Associates, can help. We with work with you in establishing financial goals and design action plans to help you achieve them. Owners of privately held businesses will also benefit from our services as we help set up retirement plans and address insurance and investment issues.

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